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Advertising Basics Done Right

On a recent HGTV show, they compared three $35,000 bathroom renovations.  The purpose of the comparison was to show what the return would be on the investment made.  They went through each bathroom and discussed the different options each homeowner made.

The host of the show was a famous decorator who knew what he was talking about.  He loved all the new gadgets used but was not overly excited about a few of them as they were a bit over the top in his opinion.  He would have liked to see the extra money put into the basics to make them more consumer friendly.

This same principal can be used for your advertising dollar.  Put your money into the basics done properly instead of wasting everything on a gimmick that might not work or that your client might not appreciate.

Can you think of a few ways your money was wasted on a gimmicky advertising scheme?

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