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How Exciting is Your Website?

When you first started your business you created a website.  Maybe you had help, or maybe you did it yourself.  No matter.  You had input into what it said.  But what does it really say?  Have you been to your own website lately?  If you have not checked it out, how do you know your prospective clients will?  Here are a few suggestions to help make your website more meaningful.

1 – Give your clients a reason to visit your website.  If all you do is list products or services, there is no real reason to go back.  Do you have a blog or a monthly newsletter?  Are you on Twitter, Facebook or other social media marketing sites?  Make sure your clients can get to these platforms by way of your website.  Give it some action.  Make it fun.

2 – Don’t make it about you.  Sure, it is your website.  But put a different spin on things and make your website about what you can do for your client.  They don’t want to know about you.  They want to know about them.  Tell them how.

3 – Less is more.  I have said this before.  Don’t just list products or services.  Don’t have pages of testimonials that go on forever.  Don’t get so technical that your client can’t understand what you have said.  Choose your words carefully and keep your clients interested.

My website is currently being revamped to take the above suggestions into consideration.  Maybe it is time you took a good look at your website to see how exciting it is?

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