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What Can A Virtual Assistant Do?

Now that you know what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is, what can a Virtual Assistant do for you?  That is a pretty easy question to answer.  A VA can do just about anything you need done.  If you have a project that can be outsourced, a VA can do it. So what kind of projects can you outsource? - Do you have an audio or video file you need transcribed? - Do you have 200 business cards whose infor ...


Face to Face Networking Tips

At a recent Chamber of Commerce networking event, I found it very interesting to see the many different networking styles.   What actually works and gets you clients? How you present yourself when you walk in the room is extremely important.   Look professional as first impressions really do count.  Have a smile on your face showing that you really want to be there.  No one wants to talk to ...


Do you work on the weekend?

I started my day in the usual fashion - coffee followed by checking email, Twitter and Facebook. I posted a quick comment on Facebook, "Saturday. Need I say more?", and immediately received a few comments. One saying I did not need to say any more and another commenting on working for the day. Then I read a blog post by Chris Brogan which got me thinking. Yes, it is a weekend, but as a busine ...


What Direction Are You Going?

The audience only pays attention as long as you know where you are going. --Philip Crosby Whether you are speaking in front of a group, writing a blog post,  distributing an e-newsletter, or updating your website, you must  know what direction you are going.  Your audience will not pay attention for long if you are just rambling on.  Think about your audience, your content and your goals be ...


Analyse Your Efforts

You have worked very hard to market your business.   In addition to face-to-face marketing, you have utilized all the social media outlets.  You have a website, a blog and a newsletter in which you target clients in your niche.  You probably have Facebook friends and fans and Twitter followers.  Is it working for you? Most sites have graphs or charts showing you how many people have visited ...


Make it Perfect

As a Virtual Assistant, I am very critical of my own work.  Before I submit a final project, post a new blog entry, or send an email to an existing or prospective client, I take extra time to proofread my work. Lately I have read many newsletters, ezine articles, blog entries, etc., with spelling errors.  These articles have been written by different types of professional people.  This should n ...


The Psychology of Color

As I was researching for this blog post, I discovered that information on the psychology of color is everywhere. There are blogs, articles, and books stating yellow is bright and cheerful like the sunshine, red is bold, black is classic like the little black dress but could be somewhat mysterious, and green is the color of money. You can also read that blue is a calm and restful color, orange is ...


New Logo Design

As a Virtual Assistant, I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people. But until recently I have never worked with another VA. I was asked by Kelly Cairns of KC Virtual Solutions if I wanted her help with designing a logo for my business. I jumped at the chance. Kelly was amazing to work with. She started out asking me a few simple questions about my vision for my logo. She want ...