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Virtual Assistant Meet-Ups

Final Act

I went to the funeral of a client this past weekend - a client with a very successful business.  It got me thinking about what happens to a business when the owner dies.  Of course if it is a large business with a lot of employees, there are steps in place for when something like this happens.  But what happens to a small business?  The family could take over.  New Management could come in.  ...



Now is not the time to procrastinate.  There is just too much to do.  And new tasks are popping up every day. As the holiday season is fast approaching, you must really get your to-do list in order - and stick to it.  If you do not write down your tasks, something will get forgotten.  Start each day with a list of things that need to be done.  Scratch things off the list as you go along.  A ...


Thank You – Is it that hard to say?

Today's post is written out of frustration regarding email etiquette.  I apologize as I usually do not rant in my posts. How hard is it to acknowledge receipt of an email?  All you have to do is hit the reply button, type in Thank you or some other short acknowledgment, and hit the send button.  This way your recipient knows you received the email that was sent.  It shows respect.  Isn't tha ...


Old Friends and Past Clients

Recently my husband went on a business trip to Phoenix, and I tagged along. While we were there we took a side trip to Tucson where we lived for nine years, many years ago.  We were able to have a reunion of sorts with some old friends who we have not seen since we moved away. Friends in general are a funny lot.  You are thrown together by circumstances beyond your control - work environment, l ...


Facebook – Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

My mother-in-law asked us the other day about Facebook.   We decided to take on the challenge of setting up an account and teaching her how to use it.  We didn't realize how much of a challenge this would be. For most people, Facebook is very easy to comprehend.  You "friend" someone you know and then communicate with them.   If you have a business, you probably have an additional page wher ...


Do you work on the weekend?

I started my day in the usual fashion - coffee followed by checking email, Twitter and Facebook. I posted a quick comment on Facebook, "Saturday. Need I say more?", and immediately received a few comments. One saying I did not need to say any more and another commenting on working for the day. Then I read a blog post by Chris Brogan which got me thinking. Yes, it is a weekend, but as a busine ...


A day in the life of a WAHM

Today I started my second week as a work at home (grand)mom.  I am loving every minute of my new duties, but am absolutely exhausted. We are in Central Pennsylvania where our daughter and her husband live with their three little boys - 6, 3 and 7 weeks.   We are here to help out as our daughter goes back to work.   After raising two daughters, we are now dealing with three little boys, which ...


Interviewed by Virtual Assistant Forums

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Virtual Assistant Forums and would love for you to see a copy.  I have included it below for you to read. Pam Hower, President of Admin Etcetera, has 25+ years experience as an Administrative/Executive Assistant and during that time acquired a number of highly marketable skills. After Pam and her husband moved from London, England to the sunny beaches o ...


Are We Connecting Enough?

Don't get me wrong.  I love Twitter and Facebook.  I have to put restrictions on my time or else I will be on Facebook all day long.  But a few things got me thinking.  In church last week the Pastor's sermon was about staying connected.  I read a headline about trouble spots in a relationship and on the top of the list was no longer texting each other during the day.  And on Twitter I saw a ...