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If You Don’t Ask…….

There are a thousand questions you could ask as a business owner...... Ask a prospective client if they need help on a project. Ask your Chamber of Commerce when the next networking event is. Ask yourself if your Marketing Plan is working. Ask your accountant if you have enough money to purchase a new piece of equipment that will take your business to new levels. Ask yourself if your Social M ...


Final Act

I went to the funeral of a client this past weekend - a client with a very successful business.  It got me thinking about what happens to a business when the owner dies.  Of course if it is a large business with a lot of employees, there are steps in place for when something like this happens.  But what happens to a small business?  The family could take over.  New Management could come in.  ...


Tax Time: Be Prepared

As the current tax season comes to a close, now is the time to think about next year while it is still fresh in your mind. Lucky you if you are getting a check from Uncle Sam this year. Those who are sending a check need to adjust so it does not happen again. Even if you did not have to send a check to the IRS this year you should be aware that recent changes may mean you’ll be in for a shock n ...