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Are you an INDIVIDUAL just starting a job search?

The job market has changed in the past few years.  It is no longer good enough to just have a stellar resume to send out.  You now need to also have a social media presence.  Prospective employers will start checking you out by looking you up.

Are you a COMPANY with a large stack of resumes to go through in order to find the perfect candidate?

The unemployment rate is quite high and the number of jobs is low.  You could possibly get hundreds of resumes for one position.  In addition to scouring resumes for those key words to match your criteria, you also need to check references, set up appointments and narrow your field.

There is a lot to do on both ends.  With an HR Generalist on our team, Admin Etcetera can help in this process.  We can help individuals with job search assistance, writing their resume, updating their LinkedIn profiles, and counseling so they put their best foot forward.  We can help companies with job postings, narrow the field based on their key words, check references and general HR assistance.

Let us know what your job needs are and we will be happy to help you in any way possible.

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