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Tips for Naming Your Business

Branding your business starts with a great name.  A name that your clients will remember.  A name that says who you are.  A name that sets you apart from your competition.

You have heard all about branding.  Well your business name is the first step in branding your business.  The name you choose will determine how others think about your business and whether they remember you or your competition when it is time to buy your product or service.  So how do you decide what to name your business?

Start by writing down words that you feel represent your business, words that mean something to you or words that describe your product or service.  Do you want to use your first or last name or the name of your city or town?  Do you want to use the name of your product in your business name?  Do you want to use descriptive words or action words?

Once you have a few key words to go on, start putting them together and see if anything “hits” you.  If it doesn’t hit you, your clients won’t like it or remember it either.  Try it out on your family and friends to see if they like it.  Write it down to see how it feels.  Is it too long and hard to write or is it too short and therefore might not have enough punch?

Make a list of a few possible names and search to see if the domain is available. If not, you will have to go back to square one.  Keep a small note pad with you at all times so when you think of something you can write it down and check it out once you get to a computer.

Once you know the domain is available, do a Google or Bing search to see if there is anything that would complicate your using that name.  You don’t want to use a name that can be confused with something else.  You want your name to be front and center in your client’s mind.  It is a good idea to have a lawyer check out the name for copyright infringement.

Once you have a name you like, and you know the domain is available, go for it!  Register it, get your website up and running and be on your way to branding your business.

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