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How To Be Unprofessional In A Virtual World

You think I’m unprofessional? I’m a busy person and I am just doing my job. I have more important things to do then sit here and listen to you. Who cares if I lose a client or two. I’ll get more. And what is your reasoning anyway?

1. DON’T PROOFREAD YOUR WORK. I am just too busy to have to take the time to proofread. Who is going to notice it anyway?

2. SWEAR. This is how I talk. If people don’t like it, they can just unsubscribe to my blog. What do I care? I have so many other subscribers that like that kind of language.

3. DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF EMAILS OR DOCUMENTS. You’ve got to be kidding me! You want me to write a simple thank you when I receive an email or document? Why would I do that? They sent it so they must know I got it.

4. DON’T ANSWER OR RETURN PHONE CALLS. I don’t really want to be bothered by those people anyway. Who knows who they are and what they want. If it is that important, they will call back.

5. SPAM. It’s not spam. My emails contain important information that everyone needs to know about. If they don’t respond the first time, I will just send it again, and again, and again. Eventually they will see how important it is.

Unprofessional? That’s not unprofessional. That is just the way I do business. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem. Not mine.

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