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What Can A Virtual Assistant Do?

Now that you know what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is, what can a Virtual Assistant do for you?  That is a pretty easy question to answer.  A VA can do just about anything you need done.  If you have a project that can be outsourced, a VA can do it.

So what kind of projects can you outsource?

– Do you have an audio or video file you need transcribed?

– Do you have 200 business cards whose information needs to be put into a spreadsheet?

– Do you need to set up appointments with clients but don’t have the time to make the phone calls?

– Do you want to start a social media campaign but don’t know what to do first?

These are all basic jobs a VA can do to get you thinking of what you might need done.   Keep in mind there are Virtual Assistants for every specialty.  Some VAs specialize in Bookkeeping.  Some in Social Media.  Some in Website design.  Some specialize in transcription.  Make sure the VA you choose has the necessary qualifications to do the job you have in mind.

There are a myriad of projects a VA can do for you.  If you are stressed and overloaded with work, ask the necessary questions in order to clear off your desk and get back to what is important to you – building your business.

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