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Archives for February, 2011:

Define Your Niche Market

You have come to the section on your business plan template where you need to define your niche market.  Do you really need to specialize?  Why not just get business wherever you can? In the beginning, marketing money is usually tight.  You want to make sure you are spending wisely and not stretching yourself too thin.  By knowing who your niche market is you will be able to target your adver ...


Do I Need a Business Plan?

You have this wonderful idea and are sure you can make money with it.  You have decided this is what you want to do and nothing can stop you.  Congratulations!  You are entering the exciting world of the business owner.  What do you do now? Depending on the type of business, some of you will just forge on.  Others will start with a business plan.  Is that really necessary? A good business ...


What Can A Virtual Assistant Do?

Now that you know what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is, what can a Virtual Assistant do for you?  That is a pretty easy question to answer.  A VA can do just about anything you need done.  If you have a project that can be outsourced, a VA can do it. So what kind of projects can you outsource? - Do you have an audio or video file you need transcribed? - Do you have 200 business cards whose infor ...