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Now is not the time to procrastinate.  There is just too much to do.  And new tasks are popping up every day.

As the holiday season is fast approaching, you must really get your to-do list in order – and stick to it.  If you do not write down your tasks, something will get forgotten.  Start each day with a list of things that need to be done.  Scratch things off the list as you go along.  Add things as you think of them.  Prioritize your list on a daily basis.

A lot of people do not have written to-do lists.  If you are one of those people, now is the time to get out a piece of paper and write down everything that needs to be done before the holidays.  This can be a personal list and/or a business list.  If you are a freelancer, these list are probably one and the same.

By writing down what needs to be done, you are giving that item an identity. You have a better chance of getting it done because you have brought life to it and have committed to doing it.

Start with the items with the most importance.  You will feel like you have accomplished something every time you can cross one of these off your list.

Group errands together so you are not back tracking and loosing time.

Delegate what you can.  There are definitely some things on the list that only you can do.  There are also things on that list that others can do for you.  Remember the object is to get things done.

Don’t get too stressed if you have a big list.  Break things down into smaller tasks and do what you can.  Take a deep breath in between tasks.

Cross things off your list as you go along.  By seeing all those crossed out items, you will be able to see just how much you have accomplished.

Enjoy your holiday season by being prepared and getting things done.  Don’t procrastinate.  This is not the time.  Wait until after the first of the year!!

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