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Is Your Website Current?

Your website is the first point of contact for prospective clients.  Have you checked it out recently to see what they are seeing?  Maybe it is time you did.

If you have made any changes in your business recently, you need to make sure they are reflected on your website.  It may sound silly, but make sure your name, address and telephone number are correct.  I was on a website recently and I know the business has moved.  The old address and directions had not been changed.  Think of what a bad situation that would be for you if a prospective client drove to your office only to find out you were not there.  Not a good first impression!

Have you added any products or services lately?  Make sure you promote that on your website so your clients know what you are doing.  They may need that particular service and might call your competitor if they don’t see it listed on your website.

Do you have links on your website to a newsletter archive or product list?  Make sure those links are still active.  You want to showcase your knowledge but if your client can not get to it because of a broken link, they will not be able to hear what you have to say.

Don’t make your website too confusing to read.  Keep it simple so your clients want to keep reading.   Put yourself in their place and be the client.  See what they see and make the changes you need to make to keep them coming back.

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