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Old Friends and Past Clients

Recently my husband went on a business trip to Phoenix, and I tagged along.
While we were there we took a side trip to Tucson where we lived for nine years, many years ago.  We were able to have a reunion of sorts with some old friends who we have not seen since we moved away.

Friends in general are a funny lot.  You are thrown together by circumstances beyond your control – work environment, living arrangements, friends of friends.  You connect for various reasons and stay connected for other reasons.  When someone moves out of that friend circle it is sometimes difficult to keep the friendship going.  Someone needs to take the initiative and expend the energy in order for the friendship to survive.  In the case of the Phoenix trip, it was us who moved and us who was coming to visit after all these years.

Past clients work in somewhat of the same way as old friends.  Even if you did a fantastic job, they may not think of you when they need something else done.  You need to be the one to keep the relationship going.

You should have a list of all your clients.  Take a look at it and see who you have not heard from recently.  Give them a call, send them an email, or stop by to say hello.  Inquire as to how they are doing without giving a long sales speech.  Just get your name and face back into their minds.  Refresh their memory and see what great things can happen.

Be the friend!

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