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Archives for September, 2010:

Thank You – Is it that hard to say?

Today's post is written out of frustration regarding email etiquette.  I apologize as I usually do not rant in my posts. How hard is it to acknowledge receipt of an email?  All you have to do is hit the reply button, type in Thank you or some other short acknowledgment, and hit the send button.  This way your recipient knows you received the email that was sent.  It shows respect.  Isn't tha ...


Face to Face Networking Tips

At a recent Chamber of Commerce networking event, I found it very interesting to see the many different networking styles.   What actually works and gets you clients? How you present yourself when you walk in the room is extremely important.   Look professional as first impressions really do count.  Have a smile on your face showing that you really want to be there.  No one wants to talk to ...


Is Your Website Current?

Your website is the first point of contact for prospective clients.  Have you checked it out recently to see what they are seeing?  Maybe it is time you did. If you have made any changes in your business recently, you need to make sure they are reflected on your website.  It may sound silly, but make sure your name, address and telephone number are correct.  I was on a website recently ...


Old Friends and Past Clients

Recently my husband went on a business trip to Phoenix, and I tagged along. While we were there we took a side trip to Tucson where we lived for nine years, many years ago.  We were able to have a reunion of sorts with some old friends who we have not seen since we moved away. Friends in general are a funny lot.  You are thrown together by circumstances beyond your control - work environment, l ...