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A day in the life of a WAHM

Today I started my second week as a work at home (grand)mom.  I am loving every minute of my new duties, but am absolutely exhausted.

We are in Central Pennsylvania where our daughter and her husband live with their three little boys – 6, 3 and 7 weeks.   We are here to help out as our daughter goes back to work.   After raising two daughters, we are now dealing with three little boys, which is a totally different world for us.  We play army and basketball and wrestle a lot!!!  We get soaked when we give the boys a bath.  We are constantly putting band-aids on cut knees.  And, of course, we are changing diapers.

A typical day in this house is a bit different for us.   No sleeping in.  Little boys have to be dressed, and fed, and cleaned up and everyone has to be out the door to work and school by 7:15.

My daughter is very organized so lunches and snacks are packed the night before.  Clothes are laid out.  Book bags are packed and ready to go.   The baby is fed before she leaves for work.

As a Virtual Assistant I work from home, so after helping get everyone out of the house, and while I am waiting for the little one to wake up from his nap, I am working.  I am a work at home (grand)mom.   I know a number of Virtual Assistants who have small children at home during the day.  Their lives are full of children and laundry and clients and presentations and dinners and packing lunches the night before.  Kudos to you.  Work at home moms, and all moms who work for that matter,  are an amazing group of woman.

Working moms should get a medal.  They do so much to keep their family going.   In addition to everything they do for their family, they have clients and projects and deadlines to deal with.  They must be super organized in order to survive the day.  And then they get to do it all over again tomorrow.

In between naps and feedings and diapers, I have been working.  I am doing what all working moms do.  It is really hard.  I have new found respect for working moms.  They do this on a daily basis and don’t complain.  They have growing families and successful businesses.  They deserve a medal.  Kudos to them.

I will do this for three weeks and then will go home to my quiet little office.  I will get a ton of work done.  I have learned all about organization and dedication and I can apply that to my business.  And I will take a nice long nap!

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