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50 Topics for Virtual Assistants To Blog About

I don’t know about you, but I am always trying to think of original ideas to write about in my blog.  Of course, original is the hardest part.  So I thought I would list the topics everyone looks for.  Let me know if you can add to this list.

1.  How to write a marketing plan.

2.  Best practices at a live networking event.

3.  How to get started on Twitter.

4.  Smartphone comparison chart.

5.  How to create a Facebook side banner.

6.  How to create a safe password.

7.  Interesting people you have met.

8.  How to stay organized.

9.  Ways to stop procrastinating.

10.  SEO, keywords and tags.

11.  Is Twitter automation a good practice?

12.  Keeping up with your peers.

13.  Face-to-face networking.

14.  Proofreading your documents.

15.  Graphics software.

16.  How to promote commenting on your blog.

17.  Twitter and Facebook lists.

18.  Websites to submit your articles to.

19.  How to write a great Press Release.

20.  In a virtual world, should you still market locally.

21.  File sharing software.

22.  How to get business support from your family.

23.  Work/life balance.

24.  Branding and your business name.

25.  How commenting on others’ blogs is good for your business.

26.  Knowing when to say no to a client.

27.  How to set boundaries for your business.

28.  How to get Facebook Fans.

29.  Is Social Media really worth it?

30.  The benefits to staying active in an on-line business forum.

31.  Why you should outsource your work to a Virtual Assistant.

32.  Writing an e-book.

33.  Spreading yourself too thin on Social Media sites.

34.  Dedicated business phone line.

35.  Time tracking software.

36.  Google Analytics.

37.  Email newsletters.

38.  How to write a great subject line.

39.  What to do when you have a great idea in the middle of the night.

40.  The connection between your business name and branding.

41.  The psychology of color with your business website or blog.

42.  Podcasts as the new way to blog.

43.  What is the best video software.

44.  How to write an effective elevator speech.

45.  Fair pricing strategies.

46.  How to run a successful contest on your Fan page.

47.  Follow-up with your clients.

48.  The power of testimonials on your website.

49.  The benefits of linking together your website, blog and social media accounts.

50.  How to keep it short and not bore your readers.

Wow!  I actually came up with 50 topics.  What can you add to this list?  I’d love to hear your ideas and comments.

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