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Analyse Your Efforts

You have worked very hard to market your business.   In addition to face-to-face marketing, you have utilized all the social media outlets.  You have a website, a blog and a newsletter in which you target clients in your niche.  You probably have Facebook friends and fans and Twitter followers.  Is it working for you?

Most sites have graphs or charts showing you how many people have visited your site or read your newsletter.   This information can be of great value to you if you check it regularly and use it to move your efforts forward.  Let’s look at a few of the very basics and see what you can do with the information given.

On a blog, for instance, you might be given a daily account of how many people visit your site.  If your numbers are all over the board and you aren’t getting a consistent number of viewings, you might want to consider how often you post.  If you are not posting on a regular basis, your probably don’t have a loyal following.  Step up your writing and see if your numbers level out.  Possibly your tags aren’t strong enough for the search engines to find.  Make sure your key words are being used in the proper places.

If you write a weekly or monthly newsletter, do you link to other sites or articles?  If your viewers are not clicking on those links, you might want to consider the type of articles to which you are linking.  Your viewers don’t find them informative enough to go further.  Rethink your strategies.  Keep track of what your viewers are clicking on and post more of that type of article.

A bounce list is another important feature.  If you are paying for a mailing list or are sending to email addresses that are not working, you are using up important space.  Check your bounce list to see who is not getting your newsletters.  Take them off your list and find out what the correct email address is.  You might be missing someone who could be a potential client.

Another important factor is the time of day your posts are being viewed.  If more people are viewing your writing in the morning, then post more in the morning.  Why post in the afternoon if you already know you will have less viewers.

Check your numbers often.  This is very valuable information that can help you reach potential clients.  Take advantage of this information to redefine your marketing efforts.  You spend a lot of time marketing your business.  Isn’t it time you worked smarter and used the information at hand to your advantage?

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