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Archives for March, 2010:

Where to Find Blog Post Ideas

Blog topics can come from many different sources.  But where do you get your blogging ideas?  Here is a bit of inspiration for you. 1.  Other blogs Read and subscribe to other blogs and then elaborate on their ideas.  You probably will read something and say, "Yes, but....".  Write about it and let us know your thoughts.  Don't take someone's ideas and call them your own.  Add to thei ...


50 Topics for Virtual Assistants To Blog About

I don't know about you, but I am always trying to think of original ideas to write about in my blog.  Of course, original is the hardest part.  So I thought I would list the topics everyone looks for.  Let me know if you can add to this list. 1.  How to write a marketing plan. 2.  Best practices at a live networking event. 3.  How to get started on Twitter. 4.  Smartphone compar ...


Analyse Your Efforts

You have worked very hard to market your business.   In addition to face-to-face marketing, you have utilized all the social media outlets.  You have a website, a blog and a newsletter in which you target clients in your niche.  You probably have Facebook friends and fans and Twitter followers.  Is it working for you? Most sites have graphs or charts showing you how many people have visited ...


Archive for Newsletters

I have been a fan of Constant Contact for over a year and I am still very happy with the service I receive.  I recently added the archive feature to my newsletters.  It is a great feature as anyone visiting my website can now read back issues of Etcetera - the newsletter.  Another great feature is the share button that is placed on the bottom of each newsletter.  This gives the reader the abil ...


Interviewed by Virtual Assistant Forums

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Virtual Assistant Forums and would love for you to see a copy.  I have included it below for you to read. Pam Hower, President of Admin Etcetera, has 25+ years experience as an Administrative/Executive Assistant and during that time acquired a number of highly marketable skills. After Pam and her husband moved from London, England to the sunny beaches o ...