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Are We Connecting Enough?

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Twitter and Facebook.  I have to put restrictions on my time or else I will be on Facebook all day long.  But a few things got me thinking.  In church last week the Pastor’s sermon was about staying connected.  I read a headline about trouble spots in a relationship and on the top of the list was no longer texting each other during the day.  And on Twitter I saw a post stating the cell phone was the new cigarette.  What does all this mean?

Yes, we are a very connected society.  We text, we post, we call.  But is this really connecting?  I think we can and should connect more personally.

So pick up the phone.  Call you mother, your father, your kids, your BFF.  Don’t just talk on the phone.  Invite them over for dinner.  Really connect – in person.

What ever happened to talking to your neighbor over the fence?  I  love doing this.  It usually ends up with a big neighborhood cookout of some kind.

Do you own some sort of business?  When was the last time you made visits to your clients?  Sending out newsletters or postcards is great, but think of what could happen if you stopped by their offices.  You might actually find out what they really need.

Staying connected is great, but take it a step further and really connect.


  1. Lisa Olinda says:

    Thanks for the reminder to get real and reach out personally to others!

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