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I have been researching tips for holiday office parties.  They all pretty much give the same examples:

1.  Always attend an office party as it would hurt your reputation to decline.

2.  Remember that it is a work related party, so leave your lampshade behind.

3. Always designate a driver just in case you need one.

I came across one article (click here) that touched on a topic the others did not.  Here is an excerpt:

“Further, the increasing popularity of social media nearly guarantees that news of any faux pas will spread instantly. You can be sure someone will be stealing off to a corner to text or tweet about any blunder, sending it right then and there because they can. There’s no reason to wait for the next business day to gossip about it. “For the same reasons your mouth or a memo got you in trouble before, tweets can get you in trouble today,” Kay says.”

If you are on Twitter, you have seen the tweets about people getting fired because of things they said or did.  There is no reason why you should forgo the holiday party this year, just keep in mind the whole world could possibly see or hear about it, instantly.

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