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As a Virtual Assistant, I am very critical of my own work.  Before I submit a final project, post a new blog entry, or send an email to an existing or prospective client, I take extra time to proofread my work. Lately I have read many newsletters, ezine articles, blog entries, etc., with spelling errors.  These articles have been written by different types of professional people.  This should not be the norm.

Virtual Assistants, as a group, need to hold themselves to a higher standard than other groups.  What we do is two-fold and one small mistake can tarnish the reputation of our clients as well as ourselves.  As our industry grows it is even more important that we proofread our work, as the work of one VA is representative of the entire industry.

Why not take the extra minute or two to proofread your work?  Why would you want to publish something that is not perfect?

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