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Keep It Simple

I may not be perfect at writing blog articles, but I have read enough to know what I like to see.  And that is – not so many words.  Sure, you need to get your message out.  Sure, you have a lot to say.   But please keep it simple.   I have seen on Twitter a link to a blog that sounds really interesting.  I go to that blog and start reading.  But by the time I get half way through, I am already bored.   I will end here, making this very brief, by reminding you to keep it simple.  If you choose your words carefully, you can have a very successful blog without boring everyone.

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  1. gsbusinessresources says:

    This is so true and something I’m leaning as I wok on my blog. I’ve also discovered that if you have a longer topic to post on, break it into more than one post. Easier for readers to stay interested – and coming back to your blog – and a simple way to come up with more posts!

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