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Archives for June, 2009:

Keep It Simple

I may not be perfect at writing blog articles, but I have read enough to know what I like to see.  And that is – not so many words.  Sure, you need to get your message out.  Sure, you have a lot to say.   But please keep it simple.   I have seen on Twitter a link to a blog that sounds really interesting.  I go to that blog and start reading.  But by the time I get half way through, I am ...


It is a Small World

A few weeks ago I commented on Twitter that I was preparing for a vacation in Tenerife.  I received an @reply from Joe Cawley, @mytenerifeinfo.  We exchanged a few Tweets, then a few emails, and once I arrived we met.  Joe is an award winning travel writer and published author.  I am now the proud owner of a signed copy of his latest book More Ketchup Than Salsa in which he writes about openin ...


Is Your Marketing Plan Up To Date?

You have heard the expression, "You don't plan to fail.  You fail to plan."  So true.  When you started your business you wrote out a Business Plan.  Did you also write a Marketing Plan?  You should have.  And you should update it regularly.  Here are a few things to consider: 1 - Your client Who is your dream client?  How old are they?  Where do they live?  What do they do?  What mag ...


Be Yourself

There are all types of people in this world.  No one is the same.   So why would you, as a business person, try to be like someone else?  Why not just be yourself?  Your clients come to you for a specific reason.  They like you.  They trust you.  They like what you have done with your product or service.  You are unique.  Sell that!!  This is not a cookie cutter world so don’t make yo ...