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Email Marketing with Constant Contact

At a meeting with a prospective client I was asked my opinion about email campaigns, specifically the use of Constant Contact. I thought I would pass along what I know and show you how easy it is to start an email campaign of your own.

Email marketing is a great way to get information to your targeted list of prospects and clients. I suggest using an email program such as Constant Contact instead of sending newsletters through your own email address to avoid being deleted as spam. With Constant Contact, which is just one of many email programs, you can import your list of contacts easily from Outlook, Outlook Express or a variety of spreadsheet options. The first tier in Constant Contact is 300 names for $15.00 a month, and you are offered a three month trial for free. You will have to agree to their terms of service which state you have permission from your contacts to send them an email. By law there is an unsubscribe button on every email that is sent to make it easy for your contact to stop receiving mail for any reason.

The vast variety of templates available are quite easy to use, with options to change colors and fonts. There are also buttons to add boxes for text, links and images in order to make your email completely unique.

With Constant Contact you can schedule when your email is sent and which group of clients or prospects will receive your emails. Reports are also available for you to see who opened your email and which emails bounced, clicked through to links, or unsubscribed.

Using segmentation practices will make sure your email gets to the appropriate groups. Why send irrelevant information to clients that will have no interest. If you send specific information to specific groups, your click throughs will be greater and more consistent.

I have been sending newsletters for the past few months and have found it to be a very creative and rewarding experience. I try to send information that my clients will benefit from, as well as a few tidbits and reminders to make their life easier. If you would like help with your email campaign or to be on my mailing list, let me know.

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  1. ThatGuySteve says:

    Constant Contact is a great company with a heavy backing. A friend of mine works there and has been telling me about their customer service training; it seems intense.

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