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New Logo Design

As a Virtual Assistant, I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people. But until recently I have never worked with another VA. I was asked by Kelly Cairns of KC Virtual Solutions if I wanted her help with designing a logo for my business. I jumped at the chance.

Kelly was amazing to work with. She started out asking me a few simple questions about my vision for my logo. She wanted to know if I had any preconceived ideas about what the final product would look like. Within a few hours she sent along the first draft. After going back and forth a few times with a few more drafts and a few more questions, we ended up with what I think is an awesome logo. What do you think?

admin-etcetera-logo3Working with a Virtual Assistant was a pleasant experience. Kelly Cairns of KC Virtual Solutions is located in the UK. Admin Etcetera is located in Florida. All of our communication was done by way of email. No matter what the project is, working with a VA has no boundaries, given all the wonderful benefits technology has to offer.

I would highly recommend Kelly Cairns for your logo design needs. She has the talent and vision needed for this type of project. She is a professional Virtual Assistant at its finest. Thank you, Kelly, for a job well done!

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